Fall and Winter Storage

Self Storage Tips

August 23rd, 2022

Fall and winter are approaching quickly. Summer has its perks like taking the kayaks and canoes to the local lake or river, but where do you put this equipment at the end of the season? Lifejackets, tents, and other summer recreational items can take up quite a bit of space. You could put these items in the garage however this takes up a lot of space you could use for your winter equipment and vehicles.

Consider instead self storage units like the ones Eagle Guard Storage offers. Self storage units make it so you can have a blast in the summer but will not need to sacrifice your space at home to do so. Choosing a self storage unit for seasonal belongings can be a simple solution.

Some questions to ask yourself prior to renting a storage unit are things like “what are the largest items I need to store?”A standard canoe is at least 14 feet long although the price of a 5x5 self storage unit may seem appealing you will not be too happy when you try to get your boat in there. If you need assistance in choosing the correct size, try out our storage calculator or give us a call. Popular seasonal items for self storage units include:
Canoes, Kayaks, Surfboards, and Wakeboards
Be sure to clean every surface before placing them in a storage unit, this will help to keep your belongings free of damage and ensure your storage unit does not become contaminated with bacterias from lakes, rivers, or oceans. Dump out any existing water from your canoe or kayak as well so you do not get a buggy or smelly surprise when you return to your self storage unit.
Lawn Equipment
Your lawn mower, weed trimmers, and gardening tools are not as useful during the winter months. When storing any equipment with an engine it is recommended to drain these items to prevent any unnecessary damages. It is a good idea to utilize a grease pad under any oil pans to prevent damages to your other items in your storage unit.
Water Equipment
Leaving out items like boats, and jet skis during the winter can cause weather damage and deterioration. Using self storage to keep your water equipment can help to extend the life of your belongings.
Camping Items
Camping can require a lot of supplies to make it enjoyable and the best time to go camping is during the summer. Storing your camping equipment during the winter is going to keep it out of the way so you can keep your home organized. Keeping your camping equipment in heavy duty storage totes so you can label them is a great idea!
Summer is coming to an end and storing your belongings could be a necessity. If you are looking for some tips on how to pack your self storage unit, check out our article. Give us a call or rent your unit online today at Eagle Guard Storage for help with finding the perfect storage unit for you!