What to Know About Boat Storage

Rv And Boat Storage

September 15th, 2022

What to know about storing your boat at Eagle Guard Storage

During the winter months as well as in season, boat storage is a matter of consideration for owners. Yet, there are many questions that need to be answered.
For example, how much does storage cost? How do I find storage near my area? Can I keep everything in the boat, or do I need additional components? Eagle Guard Storage has What you need to know about boat storage?

In general, there are three different types of boat storage available, and they include:

· In-water boat storage
· Dry outdoor boat storage
· Dry indoor boat storage

In-water Storage

Many owners decide to store their boats exclusively in the water all year round. This is an acceptable practice in climates that have mild winters, or you add an ice eater to prevent water from freezing around the perimeter of the boat during the colder months. What about climates that this is not an option?

Dry Outdoor Storage

Storing a boat on land outdoors is a far more popular choice, as it provides safety and protection for your boat. Furthermore, it is inexpensive compared to the majority of alternatives. Boat storage can be available in several different ways, storage facilities like Eagle Guard Storage offer boat storage, the marina, and boat yards are all places to consider when looking for storage. A simple search for boat storage near me could prove useful or check in the proximity of where boats are typically hanging out.

Nearly every boat yard and marina offer dry outdoor boat storage in addition to commercial facilities. There is a multitude of fenced lots that are utilized for boat storage during the off-season and for trailer storage in the summertime.

Indoor Boat Storage

The final option to know about and consider is dry indoor boat storage. What to know about indoor boat storage prior to choosing this type is it will require you to plan ahead when you want to take your boat out. This does provide the greatest level of protection of your boat and extends the lifespan of the vehicle immensely.

Unless you keep it housed in a covered facility like a dry stack, it's often challenging to find indoor storage for a boat. You can always use your own garage if it can accommodate the size of the vehicle, but most will find they need the aid of a third party such as a self storage facility that offers indoor boat storage or larger first floor drive-up storage units.

What Is Eagle Guard Self Storage?

Eagle Guard Self Storage provides indoor containment units available for rent 24/7 in key locations in South Carolina and Georgia. They provide state-of-the-art facilities that are under constant video surveillance and controlled access.

Visit their website to be greeted with a storage size calculator that will allow you to determine the appropriate amount of space to suit your precious belongings, including boats. Choose items from the grid to add to your unit through the calculator to receive a suggestion.

Place orders directly online or via phone. Each facility has an address, city, state, and phone number provided so you can locate the one closest to your area. Use this company to store your boats over the short term or the long term. Find indoor and outdoor parking for recreational vehicles of every type, including boats. Consult management for additional information.