Tips for Holiday Storage

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September 19th, 2022

Holiday: Decoration Clutter Before and After Storage

Holidays are near and the festivities will begin soon! With a drastic mindset change for the interior and exterior of your home decorations are in order! If you are looking for some tips for decorating and holiday storage we are here to help! Decluttering your home prior to putting up decorations is the best way to maintain a stress free environment and keep your home from looking congested.

Fall decorating can be overwhelming as it starts the winter holiday season. Starting with Halloween, moving to Thanksgiving, then Christmas a short three weeks after and the New Year following, keeping up with all the celebrating is difficult. To make a house look presentable for a fall celebration, it may be sensible to declutter first.

Create enough space to put decorations and ornaments, especially Christmas decorations, which mostly include a giant Christmas tree. In decluttering your space, you must store away some excesses that are not needed until after Christmas. Even after the celebrations, you will need to properly arrange the holiday decorations in such a way that they would not make your house congested.

Organization Of Your Home For The Holidays

Rearranging the house might be easy or not accessible, depending on your view. Below are ways to think and organize your house.

Break Down into Smaller Projects

Decluttering a house can seem strenuous and stressful, but you will never move forward without starting somewhere. When you make it look like a big project, it will become too hard for you to handle and you will feel burned out before you start. Start by setting a goal and arranging the plan step by step. Let the goals be realistic and reasonable, and break them down into small chunks.

Be Charitable

When organizing the house, separate the useful things from the things rarely used and give them out. There are non-governmental organizations that accept donations of these kinds. It could be household items, clothes, and even non-perishable food items. There could also be a yard sale for these items. Just make sure you have a plan for items that are not necessary again.

Make Stay and Leave Piles in Each Room

There are basic things that should remain in a particular room, and there are items that can be relocated These items to be relocated do not need to leave the house and can be stored in the store, garage, attic or basement. They, however, need to be properly arranged and labeled so that they can be easily found when rearranging the house after the holiday.

Declutter in a Way That Works for You

The first thing to do is arrange the relocated items, and it is best to get storage containers for such a time as this. Apart from arranging in the house, you could have a storage facility which makes it easier for you to arrange what should be stored. The storage space should not be too far from the house for easy access. Just make sure you use whatever storage that works for you.

After the holidays, the decorations do not remain in the house as it is useless at that point. These decorations, therefore, need to be properly arranged and stored for the forthcoming holidays. And the previous items that were removed for the decorations to stay would have to be rearranged back into the house.

Storing Decorations for the Holiday

There are various decorations, including the Christmas tree for the forthcoming holiday.
  • Shrink-wrap Christmas trees: For artificial trees, use transparent sticky clear nylons to wrap the tree before putting it in the garage. This would reduce the space the tree will accommodate and preserve it until the next holiday.
  • Find used containers in your house: If your ornament boxes are already damaged, you can use wine boxes or egg cartons to store the tiny trinkets and ornaments. Empty shoe boxes can be used to store the bigger ornament and garlands.
  • Get resealable bags: For ornaments of the same colors that are plenty, can be stored in these bags and kept in a plastic container. This will make it easy to access when next you need them.
  • Your water bottles never go to waste: For tiny trinkets and garlands, store them in a plastic water bottle. This is perfect for garlands that are on strings with beads. Drop each string inside the water bottle in such a way that when it is opened to pull one string out would be easy.
  • Hang ornaments: Best storage way for ornaments that are hung on trees is to hang them on poles when storing them. Use plastic containers that have poles attached to them inside for easy storage and prevention of breakages.
  • Dust sheets do not need to be thrown away: For removing artificial trees, get your dust sheets and sew them into bags that would store the pieces of the removed trees. This prevents them from getting dirty or flat.
  • Storage of Christmas lights: Christmas lights, when not correctly stored, get tangled and may affect the wiring system. This is why when storing them, wrap them around an already cut-out cardboard and put them in bigger disposable cardboard. This prevents it from getting all knotted up.
  • Get a cloth rack: Although unconventional, a clothing rack can store a lot of holiday decorations, including mistletoe and other decorations that can be hung but are big. An example is a wreath which can be used to design every window during the holiday.
Packing up Christmas and holiday decorations can be quite easy, but knowing where to put the packed-up decorations can be a little difficult. So as not to make the garage, attic, or even basement too congested, you can get yourself a self storage unit. Since these decorations are used once a year, it is always the best place to store them before and after the holidays. Eagle Guard Storage has a storage unit that is perfect for your holiday decoration storing needs!