Moving to Anderson South Carolina?

Anderson South Carolina

July 14th, 2022

Anderson South Carolina boasted in 1897 electric streetcars, street lamps, and the first electrically powered cotton gin. Today it is known as the “City of Hospitality” and the “Friendliest City in South Carolina.” One of the best places to live and retire, offering a vibrant arts community, strong health care system, and recreational opportunities. Blue Ridge Mountain is just an hour away and Anderson, South Carolina is conveniently located near Route I-85, connected to North Carolina all the way to Atlanta, Georgia.
If you are considering relocating to Anderson, Eagle Guard Storage has put together this guide about moving to Anderson. Continue reading to see what it might be like to live, work, and play in Anderson, South Carolina to see if this is the perfect place for you.
One of the nicknames given to the city “The Friendliest City in South Carolina” is in recognition of the close-knit community that is welcoming of new residents and visitors. Another nickname is “The Electric City” from the late 19th century due to the fact that Anderson was the first city in the south to join in. The city continues to be a pioneering place today, with a flourishing manufacturing sector and excellent centers for higher education.
With a growing population and vibrant diversity making Anderson an exciting place to experience history and culture. Residents span in age from children to retirees over 75, with an overall population of 27,000 people. Reviews of the town speak of how new members feel at home as soon as they arrive since their neighbors are so welcoming.
Half of Anderson’s community is made up of families with children under 18, this is a top destination for young professionals that are interested in starting a family. Anderson is a relatively “young” city with the median age of 37 and the majority of the community identifies as Republican.
In close proximity to great Universities, it only makes sense that the population is fairly well-educated. A high percentage of residents have their high school diploma, 25% hold a Bachelor’s Degree, and 7% have a Master’s Degree. One of the many draws of moving to the area is the low cost of living, in comparison to nearby Greenville the average cost of living in Anderson is lower. Average home value is $122,900, 33% less than the national average. Luxurious homes can be found in the area, the housing market caps at roughly $500,000 and there are very few homes sold for less than $50,000.
If renting an apartment rather than purchasing a home is your plan, the median monthly rent you can expect is approximately $649. Expenses such as goods and services, healthcare, and utilities are all within 5% of the national average. Lower than average transportation and gas prices can be found, which is perfect if you will be commuting to work by car.
Neighborhoods north or downtown are the safest according to first hand reviews. Williamston and Concord Roads host large properties with quaint homes. Downtown, like most cities, tends to have higher crime rates, but Anderson is safe for singles and families as you move to the outer area of the city. Campbell, Starr and Hammond are some of the safe neighborhoods.
With above average schools throughout town, most neighborhoods are accessible to great education from kindergarten through high school. Living on the north side of the city provides more access to interstate 85.
Anderson enjoys four seasons throughout the year, but has about 221 sunny days per year. Summer offers an average temperature between 70-90 degrees, and in the cooler months temperatures are between 34-53 degrees. Residents are likely to see the ends of major hurricanes as they downgrade and move away from the coast. Winters tend to be mild and rarely dip below freezing, you will not have to worry about much snow when joining this community. Anderson does have higher than average rainfall throughout the year, be sure to pack your umbrella before you move!
When it is time to have some fun and enjoy yourself, Anderson has plenty to offer to kids and adults. You can learn about American history, head to charming distilleries to taste locally produced spirits, and attractions like the Blue Ridge Mountains.
If you are looking for some family friendly activities check out the local library for music and reading circles. The Anderson County Museum offers some classes and special events. Figs Beanery and Creamery is an excellent place to end a fun day with some coffee for parents and ice cream for the children. For some adult nightlife, visit one of Anderson’s many bars, restaurants, and craft beer houses. Events like bingo and karaoke welcome the city to one of the many local businesses. For a low key outing head to Viva Wine Bar for wine and live music.
If you are looking for employment opportunities in Anderson, jobs are growing. The median household income is $31,613 per year with an average commute of just 17 minutes. Healthcare, education, and manufacturing industries are great choices for professionals. Anderson University offers employment opportunities for educators and administrators and is part of the top 20 employers in the country.
If you are interested in moving to Anderson, Eagle Guard Storage can offer tips and tricks to simplify your move. Storage solutions to assist in the transfer of your personal belongings from nearby or across the country is something we can assist you with. Call today for help deciding on the perfect self storage unit for your needs. Know what size space you are in need of rent online today!