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Sunday - SaturdayOpen 24 Hours

Also Featuring Units with Interior Lights at 231 Washington Ave, Easley, SC!


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Drive-Up with Interior Light, Power
    Drive-Up Unit
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        Drive-Up with Interior Light, Power
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          Drive-Up Unit
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            Drive-Up Unit
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              Drive-Up with Interior Light, Power
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                Covered Parking
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                  Outdoor Parking
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                    Outdoor Parking
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                      Facility Amenities

                      24 Hours Access
                      Drive-up Access
                      Fenced & Gated
                      Security Camera
                      RV, Car, and Boat Parking
                      Variety of Sizes

                      Storage in Easley, SC

                      Eagle Guard Self Storage - Easley is proud to serve the Easley, SC community with affordable and secure storage solutions. We offer state-of-the-art security features, professional management available evenings and Saturdays, as well as convenience. When you need a secure place to store your stuff, we’re the best option for you. Take a look at our units and easily rent your space online today.

                      Features & Amenities
                      • 24-Hour Access
                      • Drive-Up Access
                      • Fully Fenced & Gated Facility
                      • 24-Hour Video Surveillance
                      • Indoor & Outdoor Vehicle
                      • Outdoor RV & Boat Parking

                      Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying

                      Tony Santos on 10/22/2022
                      I am very happy with Eagle Guard, it was very easy to get the unit that I wanted and it was very easy to pay for it.i was also happily surprised to talk with someone who was able to speak very good english. She was very helpful and very friendly to talk with.
                      Michael Dufala on 06/29/2022
                      The unit itself was the perfect size. And, the location was perfect for me. However, the space between buildings could have been wider. And, it would have been nice if those driveways would be swept or blown occasionally. Also had issues on occasion with the main gate lock as well as the unit lock.

                      Storage Near You

                      Eagle Guard Self Storage - Easley is located off of Saco Lowell Road, just behind Main Street in Easley. We’re 1/2 mile off of US-123, 3 minutes from the Walmart and Sam’s Club Shopping Center, and just 3 minutes from Lowe’s. Our facility is the most convenient option for Powdersville, Greenville, Liberty, Arial, Parker, and many other surrounding areas. Start storing with us today!
                      Large storage units
                      Storage lock


                      From Easley, SC:
                      • Head north on Russell St toward E Main St
                      • Turn right onto SC-93 N/E Main St
                      • Turn left onto Dennis Dr
                      • Turn right onto Hagood St
                      • Slight left onto Hagood St/Saco Lowell Rd
                      • Eagle Guard Self Storage - Easley will be on the left
                      From Powdersville, SC:
                      • Head west on SC-153 toward Roe Rd
                      • Take the ramp onto US-123 S
                      • Turn right onto Prince Perry Rd
                      • Turn left onto Saco Lowell Rd
                      • Eagle Guard Self Storage - Easley will be on the right
                      From Arial, SC:
                      • Take Arial St to SC-8 E
                      • Head south toward Arial St
                      • Turn right onto Arial St
                      • Turn left onto Rice Rd/State Rd S-39-90
                      • Continue on SC-8 E. Take Fleetwood Dr and Olive St to Hagood St/Saco Lowell Rd
                      • Turn left onto SC-8 E
                      • Turn left onto Fleetwood Dr
                      • Continue onto Olive St
                      • Slight right onto Glenwood Rd
                      • Turn right onto Front St
                      • Turn left onto Hagood St
                      • Slight left onto Hagood St/Saco Lowell Rd
                      • Eagle Guard Self Storage - Easley will be on the left
                      From Parker, SC:
                      • Head southwest on W Blue Ridge Dr toward White Horse Rd
                      • Turn right onto SC-124
                      • Slight right onto US-123 S
                      • Turn right onto Prince Perry Rd
                      • Turn left onto Saco Lowell Rd
                      • Eagle Guard Self Storage - Easley will be on the right

                      Unlock Extra Space: Self Storage Units in Easley, SC

                      Searching for the ideal self storage units in Easley, SC can be a daunting task, but look no further than Eagle Guard Self-Storage! Our top-notch facility offers a wide range of storage solutions tailored to suit your unique needs, from cheap self storage for your apartment contents to units with additional amenities for boat and RV storage. Whether you're in need of climate controlled self storage units for your sensitive items or drive-up access for easy loading and unloading, Eagle Guard Self-Storage has got you covered. As a trusted name in the Easley community, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, secure, and affordable storage options. Read on to discover how Eagle Guard Self-Storage can make your storage experience hassle-free and convenient.

                      Benefits of Self Storage Units in Easley SC
                      Renting a self storage unit in Easley, SC can offer many benefits to both businesses and individuals. They allow people to have access to the belongings they need quickly and safely. For homeowners, self storage units provide an affordable place to store excess items such as furniture, seasonal decorations, and clothing, freeing up space in the home. Businesses can use self storage units for long-term storage of materials that would otherwise take up valuable office or retail space. Self storage units come in an array of sizes, allowing for specialized attention and flexibility when selecting the right unit size for one’s possessions.

                      Additionally, many self storage facilities, including Eagle Guard Self-Storage, offer 24-hour access, additional security features like cameras, fencing, gate-controlled access, and staff on-site, as well as climate controlled units so that whatever is stored inside is not damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity. Furthermore, the possibility of renting a space for long-term or short-term needs makes it even easier for consumers to find exactly what fits their budget without sacrificing quality or safety.

                      Whatever type of storage dilemma you're facing, a self storage unit in Easley can prove invaluable when it comes to organizing your goods and protecting them from destruction or loss. With different levels of security available and various options tailored to fit almost anyone’s budget and lifestyle, there is no doubt that self-storage provides many benefits. As we enter the next section to discuss the types of self storage units in Easley, SC, it's important to remember that knowing your options can help you make informed decisions about the best way to store and care for your belongings.

                      Self Storage Options in South Carolina
                      Eagle Guard Self-Storage - Easley offers a range of self storage options to meet a variety of needs. The types of self storage units include climate controlled units and drive-up access units. Additionally, we also offer indoor and outdoor vehicle storage and outdoor RV and boat parking. Climate controlled units are optimal for storing temperature-sensitive items like artwork, books, electronics, and furniture as they keep the interior temperatures at a more consistent level. Meanwhile, drive-up access units are secure but provide tenants with easy access to their items through the convenience of drive-up service. Lastly, RV and boat parking is available so that customers can store their large vehicles offsite securely.

                      The debate then rests on whether or not tenants should choose climate controlled vs. non-climate controlled units. Arguments for using climate control center around things like keeping out pests and maintaining an even temperature to protect items from extreme temperatures. Conversely, arguments against climate control often cite cost concerns as these types of units are generally more expensive than non-climate controlled alternatives. Ultimately, it's up to each tenant's personal preference whether they opt for a climate controlled unit or not but it may be worth considering if you're storing items that require a low temperature.

                      Whether you choose a climate controlled unit or one with drive-up access, renting one of our cheap self storage units in Easley, SC can help meet your needs – big and small. Next, let’s take a look at how climate controlled self storage units could help protect your stored goods from extreme temperatures and humidity fluctuations.

                      Climate Controlled Storage Units in Easley SC
                      When making a decision to rent storage space, consider climate controlled self storage units in Easley, SC. These types of units are temperature-regulated and help protect your belongings from extreme temperatures, humidity, pests, and other possible environmental conditions such as dust or mold. Depending on the items being stored, the storage unit size, and the storage facility's availability, it may be worth the expense. Easley residents can obtain more information about these units by giving us a call.

                      When it comes to deciding between climate controlled and non-climate controlled units, some of the helpful factors to consider include the value of your belongings, the length of time you’re planning to store them in Easley, SC, and whether any other protection methods may be appropriate.

                      In most cases, climate controlled units are beneficial because they help maintain a consistent temperature and relative humidity level which helps preserve items whose materials can be impacted by changing temperatures or moisture levels. Examples of items commonly stored in climate controlled units include electronics, wooden furniture, and artwork. Reserve one of our climate controlled self storage units in Easley, SC to ensure that your belongings remain in top condition while in storage.

                      As we've explored the benefits of climate controlled self storage units in Easley, SC, it's essential to consider another vital aspect of storing your valuable belongings: security. After all, the protection of your items from environmental factors is only half the battle; safeguarding them against theft and vandalism is just as crucial. In the following section, we’ll delve into the top-notch security features offered by Eagle Guard Self-Storage in Easley to give you peace of mind that your possessions will be in good hands.

                      Security Features at Eagle Guard Self-Storage
                      Eagle Guard Self-Storage - Easley prioritizes the security of your belongings by implementing various security measures. Our advanced security features include 24-hour surveillance, fencing, and 24/7 gate-controlled access, allowing only authorized individuals to enter the facility. This ensures that your possessions are safe at all times while you're away.

                      Our excellent customer service team is always ready to address any concerns or questions that our clients may have, further enhancing the security experience at Eagle Guard Self-Storage. In addition, in order to rent a unit, we require proof of identity, such as a driver's license, passport, or state ID.

                      However, we understand that security extends beyond safeguarding from outside intruders. Our climate-controlled self-storage units protect your belongings from extreme temperatures, dust, and humidity, ensuring they’re preserved over time. With our comprehensive security measures and excellent customer service, you can trust Eagle Guard Self-Storage for all your storage needs.

                      Now, having examined the outstanding security features our company provides, let's turn our attention to some of the practical uses of these storage units. Whether you're moving to Easley, changing homes, or handling the challenges of an expanding business, our cheap self storage units offer the ideal solution to accommodate your requirements. In the upcoming section, we'll highlight the various advantages self-storage units bring to individuals and businesses alike in the Easley area.

                      Moving and Business Needs in Easley
                      When looking for self storage units in Easley, SC the benefits can go beyond just storing personal items. Moving and business needs in Easley can also be met by using a self storage unit. For instance, businesses can use storage units to store inventory, equipment, or documents, while residents moving to a new home may find these units convenient for temporarily storing their belongings. With Eagle Guard Self-Storage, you can find and reserve the perfect storage unit for your needs quickly and easily.

                      Our cheap self storage units in Easley, SC provide a clean and safe environment to store valuables, appliances, and other items for those who need extra time to move out of their old home or even just before securing a new home. We provide month-to-month lease options which can provide flexibility as people transition into their new homes and lifestyle. We also offer 24-hour access, which is more convenient for those with complex schedules. Plus, our online payment methods make managing your storage expenses easier and more convenient.

                      Businesses can benefit from self storage too as it allows additional room for stock or equipment without having to expand physical premises. We guarantee tenants access 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing businesses to pick up and drop off their items at their convenience. The extra inventory space provided by Eagle Guard Self-Storage can help drive up company profits by accommodating more products.

                      Eagle Guard Self-Storage offers a perfect solution to meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses in the Easley area. With top-notch security features, flexible storage options, and a range of unit sizes, our self-storage facility caters to a variety of requirements, whether you're relocating, decluttering, or expanding your business. By choosing Eagle Guard Self-Storage, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe and accessible whenever you need them. Experience the myriad benefits of self storage units and discover how we can support your moving and business endeavors in the Easley community.

                      Responses to Frequently Asked Questions with Detailed Explanations

                      Are there any additional services offered by self storage units in Easley, SC?
                      At Eagle Guard Self-Storage in Easley, SC, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of top-notch additional services that cater to your diverse storage needs. Our climate-controlled units ensure that your temperature-sensitive items are well-protected, while our 24-hour access, online payment options, and drive-up access provide you with the utmost convenience to access your belongings whenever you need to. Our fully fenced and gated facility, equipped with 24-hour video surveillance, ensures the security of your valuable possessions. And if you're looking for vehicle storage solutions, we’ve got you covered with both indoor and outdoor options, as well as specialized outdoor RV and boat parking. Choose Eagle Guard Self-Storage for a secure and hassle-free storage experience.

                      What types of storage units are available in Easley, SC?
                      The types of storage units available in Easley, SC range from standard drive-up units to climate controlled units. Drive-up units are the most common type and are typically less expensive than climate controlled units. They’re often made of metal, with large doors for easy access. Climate controlled storage units are well insulated and equipped with temperature and humidity control systems to protect your goods from extreme conditions. These tend to be more expensive but provide peace of mind that your items will remain in good condition during their stay. There are also specialty storage units such as car and RV/boat storage, wine storage, and document storage available in Easley, SC. Eagle Guard Self-Storage goes above and beyond to cater to your storage needs in Easley, SC, offering a wide array of storage solutions. Choose us for the highest quality, security, and convenience when it comes to safeguarding your valuable possessions.

                      Some Facts about Self Storage Units in Easley SC
                      1. The average size of a self-storage unit in Easley, SC is 10x10 feet.
                      2. The average occupancy rate of self-storage units in Easley, SC is 85%.
                      3. The average age of a self-storage unit in Easley is 10 years.
                      4. The average rental term of a self-storage unit in Easley, SC is 6 months.
                      5. The average security rating of a self-storage unit in Easley is 8 out of 10.